Canadian Maritimes

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First 2 items for your trip across Labrador--bug spray (if you can find old 
Muskol running 100% deet all the better) & bug netting.  You would be wise 
to set up for your rooms (hotel or B&B) now as the rooms are limited and 
since the expansion of this dirt road there has been a large increase in 
traffic (mainly motorcycle) in the past 3 years.  Go to Newfoundland & 
Labrador tourism for info.  You will get a tourism package . There was a 
very good article on this route in Cycle Canada a couple of years back.  You 
might be able to find it on the net.  I know I don't have it anymore as my 
bother in law and my soon to be son in law scrounged all my old copies in 
the spring.  There is some large dealer in Ohio that always seems to have 
fantastic prices on new Japanese bikes.  New Concours 1400 for <$11,000.00, 
Suzuki 400 DR for $5000.00.


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> At the coffee shop last night, a couple of the guys have started planning 
> a 2 week trip that would include Labrador, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. 
> They estimate 4000 miles with over 900 miles of unpaved roads. Since 
> there's no Fandango this year, I think I might go. I would have to buy a 
> bike as neither the GPZ nor the Daytona is suitable for 900 miles of 
> unpaved road (although it doesn't sound all that much different than the 
> last time I was in Canada. Vermont's roads were paved but I think unpaved 
> roads would have been smoother). The three that are planning it have a Kaw 
> KLR650 (new) and two Beemer GS1100's so I'm thinking of an "adventure 
> tourer", something that won't break the bank because I might sell it right 
> after the trip. Right now I'm thinking 650 V-Strom. Anyone have any other 
> suggestions?
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