Burlington Bash or the Vermont venture

The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Mon Oct 1 07:48:39 PDT 2007

>I just walked in at 9:40 MDT or 11:40 EDT.  Almost 16 hours to get home 
>home and I'm beat.
I was done in when I got home.  After the chance meeting with my 2nd cousin 
Gladys in Huntingdon Quebec (yeah I know you can hear the tune Dueling 
Banjoes from Deliverance) I decided I just wanted to get home. I give ol' 
Ruby the spurs hard and we danced east on QC #30, north then west on QC #20 
and the 401 ON, to Cornwall ON, north on 138 to 417 north west through 
Ottawa to Cobden, at velocities between 120 kph and 160 kph (70 - 100 mph) 
on roads with speed limits between 80 & 100 kph max (50 - 60mph), one stop 
for fuel and a piss.  290 km in  2 hours and 40 minutes.  Marilyn was having 
a yard/tag/garage sale when I got home and I damn near went though the back 
wall of the garage before I got Ruby reined in.
Do any of you guy know of a treatment I can put on the concrete of my garage 
floor to stop the road salt from turning the concrete to dust.  I know a 
mixture of linseed oil and varsol 2/1 will do it but it has to be put on 
right after the concrete has set and before has had any use.

Jim who has to get his ass to Westmeath and clean out a cottage chimney 
before the customers arrive this afternoon -oh joy!!

PS thanks again Michele & Rob for having us it was a great time.  Wet ridin' 
is better than not ridin'

Never kick a fresh turd non a hot day - Harry S. Truman 

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