how to cat walk a mule or a GPz-was that VTX Dan I saw

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Mon Oct 1 19:17:14 PDT 2007

You can catwalk a GPz!!!
Yesterday on the way home I stopped for gas on Hwy 138 between Cornwall &
Ottawa.  As I was getting my balaclava, helmet and gloves back on I heard a
familiar sound-a VTX with the baffles bashed out of the silencers.  It had
just left the Tim Hortons and was heading north. I thought it was Dan
Brideau and I got my gear on as quickly as possible and fired up Ruby.  I
got out onto the highway in first and then put the spurs and whip to her. I
hit 2nd gear hard and the front wheel lifted--it lifted off the friggen
ground--I just kept hard on the throttle hard shift to 3rd, it was still off
the ground, found 4th and it finally settled by to the pavement at about 120
kph.  Now Ruby is stock , no pods, no jetting, no 4-1 tuned exhaust, no
laughing gas, and shes got a 90 kg rider and a full drum of fuel-how's this
Then I recall early this morning as I was exiting Burlington VT I made a
trip to Grand Junction where I picked up 18 pints of Rollin' Rock beer for
my son and then stopped at Vermonts house of happy for a 40 of Bailey's.  I
guess with this all sitting back of the rear axle in the bags aidded in the
aformentioned feat.  I never did catch the VTX.  Mike do you know if Dan was
somewhere around Monkland about 12:30 yesterday.


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