Norick Abe Killed in Road Accident

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Here's an article:
  Japanese motorcycle racer 'Norick' Abe dies in traffic accident
  The Associated Press
  Published: October 7, 2007



  TOKYO: Japanese motorcycle racer Norifumi "Norick" Abe, whose career in racing spanned 10 years, died in a traffic accident near his home in Kawasaki, Japan, Sunday. He was 32.
  According to local police, Abe was riding his motorcycle when he collided with a truck that was making a U-turn.
  Abe made his world championship debut in 1994 as a wild card at the Japanese Grand Prix.
  The first of Abe's three wins in the world championship came in 1996 in Japan. He had a total of 17 podium finishes from his 144 grand prix appearances.
  His last race in MotoGP was in 2004 at the Valencia Grand Prix.
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  Since leaving the world championship, Abe had been competing in Japan as part of the All-Japan Superbike Championship.
  According to police, the truck made an illegal U-turn from the left lane of a four-lane road in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, colliding with Abe's motorbike, which had been coming up behind in the right-hand lane.
  The police are questioning the driver of the truck on the case.


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"Robinson, Art (ON15)" <art.robinson at> wrote:
  On October 7, 2007 while riding a 500cc scooter in Kawasaki, Kanagawa,
Abe was involved in a traffic accident with a truck, which made an
illegal U-turn in front of him, at 6:20pm local time. He was pronounced
dead two and a half hours later at 8:50pm at the hospital where he was
taken for treatment.

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