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Bill Magitz corbie at
Tue Oct 9 11:05:16 PDT 2007

I had a similar incident last summer. I was on a 4 lane 2 each way 
road with center island. 50 mph lots of shopping centers about 
12-12:30 am the road eventually leaves the shopping area and the 
road becomes a four lane without center island. most cars exit for 
Rt 80 before this.the only vehicle on this part of the road is a 
full size suv about 5 car lengths ahead of me and in the left lane 
as we pass the 80 exit and just before the island ends he moves to 
the right lane and I'm about to gun it and pass when I get a tingly 
, sensation , hunch , call it what you want but I didn't pass and 
sure enough the asshole pulls a U-turn at the exact spot the island 
ends and right in front of me and for sure over me if i had tried 
to pass.    if you can open and see the map I'm west bound on 46 
and just before the X you can see where  Rt 46 comes together.

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