back from AR and some vids from Durango

Art Lischer alisch80 at
Wed Oct 10 14:16:32 PDT 2007

Hey Gang!

Back all safe and sound from a week in AR finding every back road we 
could.  Had a great time and I'll write more later on that.

What I have here

is linky to a couple of on bike videos I shot while at the Fandango in 
June.  After converting them from Q-time to Wndoze media the quality 
dropped quite a bit but you will get the general idea.  If anyone wants 
I can burn a disk of the original files and send them out to you. Let me 
know if these show up okay and I will post 3 more I made in Arkansas.  
I'm a major novice at this video conversion//editing//uploading business 
but I would eventually like to edit music into the background also.  I 
just used my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7 camera (UV lense filter also) on a 
RAM mount off the handle bars.  Shakes a little but turned out pretty 
good.  Hope you all like! 

Art in DM

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