Doing a "Mason"

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Whoa there!  I scenically run my tires to death and maybe a little beyond, 
to get the most value/$.
I've  lost two tires on a motorcycle (a 1959 Matchless 650).  I lost a rear 
while crossing a set of railway tracks at Craighurst Ontario, something 
punched a clean 1/4" hole through it (the tire was 25 miles old).  The other 
was a year later same bike.  I t-boned a 1964 Pontiac Acadian (Chevy II) the 
bike went in the driver's side rear door and out the passenger's side, the 
wheel was wrapped around the engine and the tire was flat.  This tire had 
less than 1000 miles on it as I had spent the previous riding season in a 
body cast with 3 crushed vertebrae caused in a factory accident.

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>I had a rear tire on my Ford Focus SVT explode yesterday
> morning on my way to work.
> Turns out the tire was wearing badly on the inside and I
> hadn't noticed it.  The tire dealer said the cords were
> sticking out of it which is why it exploded.  $400 for two
> new tires and an alignment and I'm back on the road.
> BTW, Anyone want to buy a 2002 Focus SVT?  45K on the
> clock, never wrecked and runs like a raped ape.  Has two
> new tires on the front.  LOL!!
> Charles
> S.

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