Need help removing horn and bracket.

Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at
Sat Oct 13 20:15:41 PDT 2007

Yep, you're right. It does. Just don't put the horn back on upside down like I did right??!!

Jerry Clair <darkclarity2k at> wrote:  Right Dave however, doesn't the brake hose splitter mount there too?

Dave Daniels wrote: If I remember correctly, there's two screws that face toward the front of the bike that, when you take them out, not only releases the horn, but also the metal bracket that the speedometer cable goes through. Correct me if I'm wrong guys.

1KPerDay <1kperday at> wrote: I'm trying to clear the area under the steering head to use a stem
stand... can't figure out how to get the horn off and the mounting
bracket off. Help?

Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100

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