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Thu Oct 18 09:18:05 PDT 2007

I agree.  It's one less thing to worry about when taking off fast.  During the time I had the gpz, I think the front end came off the ground just slightly a handful of times, even under heavy/almost WOT acceleration.  It's a big heavy bike, and the weight does have its advantages.

Now with the c14, in stock form, it'd be a dog to get it to wheelie.   No real power comes on until over 4K rpm.  At that point you're doing at least 20+ mph in first (or more).

With the current mods, (pipe, pc3, tune), power comes on much lower, (2500 rpm?).  If the throttle were to be wacked open in first, I'm pretty sure the front end will come up quite easily.   I haven't done it yet, nor do I plan to, but it's something to be aware when sitting a light and debating if you'll play or not.

Btw, 700 miles after the upgrades, it truly is a different animal.  3Krpm in top gear and still have passing power available.  Downshifting into some corners is not even necessary any more.

Thursday, October 18, 2007, 11:11:13 AM, Dave  wrote:

> I think it would be difficult myself. My previous bike was a 2001
> Suzuki Bandit, and I could barely keep the front end of it down if I
> hit the throttle. I would have to practically lay across the
> handlebars to keep it down every time I got on it. I don't have that
> problem at all with the GPZ. In fact, I never even think about it.

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