The bike is off the operating table

andy burkard andyburkard at
Fri Oct 19 09:46:05 PDT 2007

This guy made iggy advancers for the ZRX1100 and 1200
which fit and significantly improve power.

tedracer1 at

not sure if he's still in the business but i paid $30
for mine, which i believe included shipping

highly recommend the 4degree advancer.  

andy b

--- Jeffrey Markham <automan25 at> wrote:

> After experiencing some solid engine ping from 3500
> - 5000rpm of wide open throttle 2 weeks ago I
> decided to do a little surgery on the bike. I just
> spent the last week doing the following:
>   Removed the CA emissions junk
>   Removed the carbs, jets and needles and cleaned
> them up real good
>   Adjusted the float levels to the high side of the
> specifications
>   Performed a valve adjustment
>   Synched the carbs
>   I just tested it last night between storm systems.
> Wow, what a difference. Although I know I shouldn't
> do this, I can pull the throttle wide open at
> 3000rpm in second gear with no pinging at all. I'm
> glad it worked out so well. I would have hated to do
> all that work with no positive result. In addition
> to the lack of pinging the engine is much smoother
> now. 6000rpm+ doesn't feel rough at all like it used
> to. My idle is also rock solid now. The carbs didn't
> seem particularly dirty when I cracked them open and
> the float levels weren't very far off at all. I
> guess the carbs are just amazingly sensitive to
> variations in their settings. Many thanks to the
> folks on this list for their help.
>   I'm in the market for an ignition advancer now
> that the engine is running as it should. Any
> recommendations? 
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