OT: Bandit 1250 anyone?

Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at sbcglobal.net
Fri Oct 19 11:20:26 PDT 2007

I've sat on an '07 and would take one in a heartbeat. I love the upright position, the looks, the fact that you can put on foward footpegs if you want, and of course, the power. I used to have an '01 Bandit 1200 so I have a pretty good idea about it. All this coupled with the fairly inexpensive price gets a definite thumbs up from me. As far as it being right for your wife, that's for you and she to decide. Just tell her to ease into...don't hit it hard right off the bat. She'll end up sitting on the road on her backside watching her new Bandito careen down the road. Nice and easy.....that's the way ta do it.....niiiceee and eeeaaassssyyyy.

Steven Bixby <steven at bixbys.net> wrote:  My wife has been looking high and low for a combination of bike that
fits her well, is a modern fuel-injection engine, has decent power and
is reasonable in cost.

She sat on the Bandit 1250 at the last IMS show and instantly fell in
love. She didn't even know it was the stump-shredding torque (80
ft-lbs at 3K rpm!) 1250cc engine. Over the past year I've hinted at
it being a little excessive for her, but in the end after looking at a
bazillion different bikes, it comes down to being the best-fitting
machine she's liked.

So we're a few days short of signing the bottom line on a 2007
ABS-version Bandit 1250S.

Yeah, yeah, I know, some of you guys will think I'm nuts for going
along with this... But she's waited three years (riding her Ninja
250), has spent a fair amount of time on my GPZ (and loves it's power
and handling, but not the long stretch to the bars). She's got some
55K experience in 3.25 years and is currently an MSF instructor, and I
think she's ready. Sure, the bike is still a seriously-powered
machine and she'll have to do some right-hand-muscle-memory
adjustment, but... it'll be a solid long-distance bike for her. She
will keep the Ninjette for her day-to-day commuting through San
Francisco, although after a few hundred miles on the Bandit, I'm sure
that will lose her interest soon enough. :)

Anyway, I'm just babbling about it and I thought I'd see if you guys
have seen/tried/bought/experienced the new Bandit and what things you
like or dislike about it. I'm sure I'll get plenty of fun miles on it
myself and I'm looking forward to that part.

Also sorta OT: We just got back from a 3200-mile loop around
California, and I'm lazily working on a trip report. It was a
most-fun, often exasperating trip with a few strange events thrown in
for confusion. But you'll have to wait for the report cuz I don't
want to repeat the tales over and over again. :->

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