Oil Color

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Sat Oct 20 16:47:36 PDT 2007

Jeff Are you sure that's not air showing in the oil in the sight glass?
  A couple of oil changes ago I didn't seat the O Ring on the filter and the 
oil pissed all over the garage floor. On filling the engine after fixing it, 
I wasn't sure how much had pissed out and started the engine after putting 
in 2 quarts. The oil level quickly went down on starting the bike and the 
little oil visible in the sight glass was airated and looked similar to what 
you show. It must have sucked in air into the pump. I would add some more 
oil until it's at top of the sight glass - run it a little and then let it 
sit and see if it's still the same.

 Pete Staniforth

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> So, the bikes running great now, but the oil as viewed through the sight 
> glass looks cloudy. In a car engine, cloudy oil typically means it's time 
> for a new head gasket as it's a sign of antifreeze in the oil. I drained a 
> little bit of oil into a cup and it looks fine. Any ideas? BTW, This is 
> fresh Mobile 1 synthetic motorcycle oil.
> http://automan25.dyndns.org/oil/1.jpg
> http://automan25.dyndns.org/oil/2.jpg
> http://automan25.dyndns.org/oil/3.jpg
> -Jeff

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