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Mon Oct 22 15:53:43 PDT 2007

Hi Scaps,
Greetings one and all from fire central.   Since getting a KLR650 last year I 
have been constantly amazed at the overall  competence and fun factor to be 
had with such bike.  True, I'm biased but I  can see always owning one no 
matter what else may come and go from the  garage.  
Cons:  could use a bit more horsepower, pre 08  models front brakes are weak
Pros:  Everything else
I run the highways around here at 75 all the time,  I actually get more 
respect in traffic on the KLR than when riding the Gpz,  curbs, speedbumps, 
dirtroads etc aren't obstacles.... hell, they are the "old  enough to know better, 
but make you act young enough not to care" real life  amusement park that is 
part of this bike's appeal.  Highest grin/cc factor  of any bike I can remember 
owning.  Great aftermarket support.  They  are pretty much bulletproof with 
minor mods, inexpensive to own and maintain,  and comfortable to ride.  Power 
delivery is easy to modulate and very  linear.  Fun Fun Fun.
I would guess the "wee strom" to be much the same  but more street oriented.
Alex Plewniak
Bonita, CA

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