NGPZC: Piaggio MP3, anyone?

Rob Schwartz coldinvt at
Mon Oct 22 18:39:27 PDT 2007

I assume this is the same Paul that I met with the GL18?  He sure hustled
that thing in the twisties!

Jeff, that Piaggio sure looks cool!  Motorcyclist reviewed it in May and I'm
sure other rags did too...

It looks pretty cool and Dad wouldn't have to hold it up, but it is a little
"overcomplicated" perhaps and I always balk at the prospect of a "thin"
dealer network (hence my VFR instead of the Aprilia Futura).

Has he tried the Burgman, etc.?  "Step-through" motorcycles have a very low
CG and, as long as Pops can get his legs down and up well enough, holding
them up shouldn't really be an issue.  Definitely worth a closer look, I'd
say...  Check out Honda's Silverwing too.

Oh... and good luck with the landing gear company.  They should give money
back or something.  Warranty?

Stay warm!

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