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Mon Oct 22 19:35:01 PDT 2007

I rode the CBR1100XX Honda recently (they've only been discontinued here this year), and found the same thing. It supposedly has 50+ more horsepower than the GPZ, but torque is almost identical, and that's what gives the GPZ its urge.

I decided against the 1100XX, as it was so similar to the GPZ, but gets worse fuel economy (even with EFI!), and has no underseat storage (something I use regularly on day rides). Currently keeping an eye out for a good ZZR1200, but there are very few here. Maybe one a month comes up for sale, sometimes none :(.

Another option is the Triumph ST, which I really like, but again, no storage space thanks to the (very cool) underseat exhaust.

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> Dave Daniels <dwaynedaniels at> wrote: Honestly, I 
> couldn't tell a lot of power difference between the ZZR and my GPZ 
> when I rode one this past August. Nice bike and all, but not really 
> a significant power increase.
> 1KPerDay <1kperday at> wrote:  IMO the new 1250 Suzuki 
> Bandit is as close as you can get to a
> "modern" GPz. Similar torque and power curves, similar ergos (probably
> a bit more comfy; may not need Gen-mars and the stock seat is actually
> supposed to be comfy), and supposed to be very smooth. Looks pretty
> good, too, and has available hard luggage. Available ABS also.
> You could also look at the Kawasaki Concours14, ZX-14, or ZZR1200...
> lots of ZZR12s for sale right now at amazingly low prices. Bit heavier
> than the Geep but LOTS more power, better headlights and wind
> protection, better quality suspension, etc. The new FJR is very cool,
> also. Ask Rob. ;)
> ZRX-1200 might be good also. Basically a naked GPz.
> Personally, though, my next bike will be nakedish, a twin or triple,
> most likely air-cooled, and probably not chain drive.
> The Guzzi 1200 Sport and H-D XR1200 (if they ever actually make it
> here) are frontrunners.
> On 10/22/07, Scott Snipas wrote:
> >
> > What have you guys been looking at for replacements?
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> Utah Jeff
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