bike stolen, crashed, now what...

Rickard Olsson richie at
Tue Oct 23 06:22:30 PDT 2007

James Keefover wrote:
> Last Saturday night some low life stole my motorcycle and crashed it a few
> hours later.

That sucks. Mine was stolen way back in... Must-ve been 1997. I had 

> The lower fairings are pretty much trash.  The upper fairing isn't too bad

Sounds like there's a Bandit-style conversion coming up.

> but the signal lights were both punched through the plastics.

That's common when you leave the metal plates in them. I cracked one of 
mine before I learned that lesson... The rubber is enough to keep them 
attached at all speeds, but they do come off if they really have to.

>  The metal frame that the upper fairing mounts to is bent.

Fairly easy to bend back "good enough", pretty difficult to get perfect.

> Any suggestions on a cheap, easy to mount headlight?

Actually, I'd strongly suggest leaving the upper fairing on and just 
remove the lowers. Saves you a bundle of work.

> I'll need to mount some cheap turn signal in the front.  Anyone have a part
> number of something that will work?

Almost anything works, it's a standard part. I'd glue the fairing bits 
back as much as possible and put flushmounts where the old ones were.

> I will need to replace one handlebar as well, bent.

Heat it properly with a propane torch and bend it back.

     / Richie

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