Crazy experience yesterday

dominatr37 dominatr37 at
Wed Oct 24 05:17:59 PDT 2007

So I have some students yesterday morning with the riding school. I head 
there and after a 30 mile ride, as I'm about to pull into the parking lot, I 
lose forward motion. I mean the bike is free wheeling. No power getting to 
the wheel. It runs fine and revs, but nothing is happening. So I push it 
across this heavily traveled road, and into the lot, then look, and my chain 
is missing. WTF??? I walk back down the road and pick up the chain a hundred 
feet back. The riveted link is just gone. Just like that. The chain had 12K 
miles on it, it's not like it was installed yesterday. Luckily I was a block 
from the dealership who does work with our school. I put it on the trailer 
for the training bikes and ride one of those over to the dealership while 
George drives the truck with the trailer and my bike on it. This burned me 
up, because the chain had damage to a roller, and could not be simply put 
back on with a new link. I had to buy a new chain. I let them install it at 
this point because I had had enough. $206 later I was out of there. Talk 
about annoying...

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