Concours 14 stock vs aftermarket pipe (areaP), flies vs no flies

Julian Solomensky jsolo at
Mon Oct 29 20:55:31 PDT 2007

We've had another local rider get his bike dyno'd.  Only difference is he's running the stock exhaust where as I'm not.

It was dyno'd on the same dyno as mine, by the same operator (of course different day).  Not quite apples to apples comparison, but enough to give a good idea.

The results are viewable here.

I'm on there as chi-gpz1100.

The first graphs show comparison of the stock exhaust using no pc3, using a pc3 with a dynojet base map, and using a properly tuned pc3.  The gains between all stock and properly tuned aren't huge, but most notable at the top end where the peak gain/delta is a good 10 HP.  Torque gains are a good 3-5 ft lb across the board.

The next graph compares stock vs flies out with base map and flies out with custom map.  Gains here are very significant.  At the low end, @ 3400 rpm (gain probably even higher at lower rpm, but no data points on the run), a gain of nearly 13 ft lb is experienced. At the top end, a peak delta of ~ 10 hp is also noted.  

These are numbers from the actual run data, not interpreted from the graphs.  Pretty good gains for just plugging in a $270 pc3 programmer.

Finally the next set of graphs is a comparison of stock vs pc3+pipe.

1st graph is the all stock bike (flies in) vs my bike with the base pc3 map and flies in.  Low end gains are nothing to write home about, but top end is a good 15 HP increase and ~8 lb torque gain.

Next graph is the same as above + proper tunes for both bikes.  Again pretty significant increases at the top end.  Minor torque increases at low.

Finally the last graph is the stock/base runs vs the flies out with proper tune.  Here we see the low end really come alive with a good 17 HP gain at the top and ~15 ft lb torque increase at the low end.

Ultimately, was all this worth ~$750.  Hard question to answer.  Probably not.  It would of been more than sufficient to just keep the stock exhaust with the pc3 and save $465 on the exhaust, but motorcycle owners are irrational beings so there's no wrong answer here........ :)

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