low sided my 96, gonna need some parts

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Sun Sep 2 10:42:05 PDT 2007

this past monday i low sided my no longer cherry 96 Gpz around an off ramp. It was pitch black around a decreasing radius turn, cut it wide and got into the loose stuff. Just my own damn dumb fault.  Luckily where we went off the road was just gravel and wet (slippery) grass. And i had to walk a mile to my friends house for a right to teh hospital to check my hand out. I'm ok just suffered a bad sprain  on my right wrist and minor road rash on my left need and some various bruised associated with such a tumble. My helmet is a loss (thank god or i wouldnt have a face and my AGV jacket did its job and looks like it could do it again. Good thing for gear. 
And i still made my flight on Tuesday to Knoxville for a business meeting, damn sore but i was there...
Now for the bike. the left lower and mid farings are gone. headlight assembly is pretty messed up and i might just remove the right lower and run it like that. the first thing i need to replace are both handle bars. I still have the OEM set up. Also need left foot peg assembly and shift lever.  Where is the best place to pick up a set? 
Once they are replaced I'll be able to do a better damage assesment because i'll be able to move it around easier. Oh yeah I'll need to find some of that engine paint. The case isnt cracked but scraped up pretty good.

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Dave Morgan
96 GPz1100
Scranton PA

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