potential winter project for some one

Marilyn Mason masonjs at nrtco.net
Mon Sep 3 15:46:36 PDT 2007

Sorry guys but this potential project has been cancelled.  Three young lads
from Quebec just bought the Evinrude, controls, steering system and seats
from this old fibreglass blister.  It was a bitch getting the controls ,
steering and seats out until I got pissed off and got out my Sawsall then it
got to be fun. There are a couple of holes in the boat that weren't there
before and a couple others that really got enlarged.  Worked out good, I got
the same $ for the motor etc that I paid for the boat motor & trailer.  Now
I just have to get rid of the boat.  I'd love to put a dozen old tires in it
and set it ablaze floating down the river maybe with someone I am not fond
of and his barking dogs in it like a Viking funeral. But the pollution laws
would frown on this.  Any body need a 14' planter?


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