Shifting Fixes??

Terry Packer packertl2 at
Fri Sep 7 10:45:11 PDT 2007

Hi Guys

The only part of my bike that's less than great is the
shifting. It isn't terrible, bit it's more "notchy"
than I'd like and certainly not as sweet as I think it
should be. 

The bike's got about 38k miles total, most of which
I've put on and the shifting has always been the same.
After I change oil it's always better for a while, but
deteriorates long before another oil change is due.

If there's a mechanical issue, I'd think it more
likely to be in the clutch assembly than the gearbox -
 like possible wear on the clutch basket or a sticky
slave cylinder that doesn't fully disengage the
I'd greatly appreciate hearing from anybody who's
figured out the problem or done anything that really
improved it. 

My expectation of a modern Japanese road burner is
that shifting should be buttery smooth. So I'd also
like to hear from anybody else just to try to
determine what's really "normal" for this bike. 

Terry Packer

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