Shifting Fixes??

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Fri Sep 7 10:56:33 PDT 2007


I think you answered your own question.  I would guess it's 
the oil you're using.  Are you using a lighter weight oil 
vs a heavier one?  I use 20-50wt and the shifting never 
gets notchy.  Back in the day, my old Yammie FJ was this 
way until I went to a heavier weight synthetic which 
noticeably improved the shifting and the oil consumption.  
The manual shows 20-50wt is a recommended weight.

Charles S. - 2.5 weeks until the Burlington Bash

Terry Packer asked:
> The only part of my bike that's less than great is the
> shifting. It isn't terrible, bit it's more "notchy"
> than I'd like and certainly not as sweet as I think it
> should be. 
> The bike's got about 38k miles total, most of which
> I've put on and the shifting has always been the same.
> After I change oil it's always better for a while, but
> deteriorates long before another oil change is due.

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