Anyone have Calipers they wanna sell?

schnowz schnowz at
Sun Sep 9 14:27:17 PDT 2007

   Anyone have usable calipers they want to sell?
Having had sticking calipers  intermittantly for over a year. (The outer 
dust seal has been gone for a while). I decided to rebuild the front -first 
time rebuilding the front's since new. My buddies had to breathe brake dust 
going up Mt Washington.
  After spending several hours trying to clean up my front calipers, I 
thought I'd ask if anyone has any they want sell.
I could slap mine back together, but they are pretty corroded in the seal 
area and there is good chance they could leak. Plus the sliders have flat 
spots on em..
         I'm looking for both fronts and rears

Ping me of list as I'm on digest.
Dam'n no backup bike - gonna have to take the cage tomorrow..

   Pete Staniforth 

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