Brake Pads

Stephen Hampson shampson at
Wed Sep 12 10:19:35 PDT 2007

I like the work Michael Moore does. The more the politicians and corporate
rogues are investigated the better. However he could clean up his personnel
appearance a bit.


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From: Dave Daniels [mailto:dwaynedaniels at] 
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I personally would appreciate it if Michael Moore's name would not appear on
my computer screen. What a weenie.

Rob Schwartz <coldinvt at> wrote:  Wait, then who's Dudley Moore??
Was he a James Bond or two?



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From: William K Denton [mailto:wkdenton at]
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I believe the Bowling for Columbine dude is Michael Moore from Detroit.

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From: "Jerry Clair" 

> is that Fahrenheit or Celsius?
> Michael Morse. Is he that bowling for Columbine dude?

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