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Thu Sep 13 15:19:00 PDT 2007

Overall the best bike I've ever ridden.

A LOT of people were there, from all walks of moto-life. All were very
impressed. That bike is huge fun to ride. Huge power, torque
everywhere, stellar chassis, stellar brakes, awesome, neutral, stable
handling from vertical to leaned waaaaaaay over. Trail braking no
problem. Clutchless shifting no problem. Ergos very reasonable.
Slipper clutch RULES. Sounds great, looks sinister and cool in person.

2 of the bikes I rode had no fueling problems; one had a stumble at
about 8500, but only if you held it there. It also felt like it was
starting to run out of fuel on my last lap at about 10K, but we
checked and it was fine. They're 'prototype' bikes and they say the
fueling niggles will be worked out before full production. Off idle
was great, pulled like a train from about 2K to redline at 10.5K.
Minor drop in power at about 10K. I bumped the rev limiter a couple of
times in fast corners but I was a gear or 2 low... I rode the first
session behind one of the buell guys and he was HAULING. I kept the
revs up and was riding at about 100% of my comfort level/ability. The
next session we had a different leader and he took better lines. I
decided to stay a gear or 2 higher and it didn't make any
difference... the laps were at least as quick but I didn't feel
harried. The engine is stellar; no driveline lash at all (which is
amazing, particularly after being used to big ZX-11 based Kawis with a
bit of lash and tons of power right off idle). The buell accellerated
at least as hard if not harder than my ZZR (which pulls very strongly)
due to it being at least 150 lbs lighter, if not 200. I'm guessing wet
weight is in the 420lb range. Diablo Corsa III tires stuck like glue
and I felt absolutely confident leaning way over.

Mid-corner corrections weren't a problem, and even when I got sloppy
with the throttle mid-corner it just gave one wiggle and settled down.

I actually almost highsided early on before I'd learned the east half
of the track adequately (I'd only ridden the west half before and at
the buell day we ran the full track, which is serious fun). I came out
of a fastish left hander and the road sort of goes away grade-wise
there and I got out onto the rumble strip... the rear slid a bit and
the bike gave one good shake (re-tearing my shoulder muscles in the
process) but settled right down. I was very surprised to find such a
short bike was so stable and forgiving of stupidity.

The pegs are high but not so high that you say 'holy crap' when
mounting the bike, and if anything they're too far forward for me...
an inch or so rearward would fit me better but would hurt your knees.
The bars look forward but the seat/bar distance is short so it's
actually pretty comfortable. At full speed on the long straight I
couldn't get behind the windscreen fully (I'm 6'3" with a long torso)
but it was only the mid/top of my helmet getting ripped by the wind.
If I could have slid back a couple more inches in the seat I could
have gotten behind the windscreen but I was as far back as I could go.

Brakes are really 1 or 2 finger stoppers, and the thing just STOPS.
One guy complained about funky braking but he was the only one; I
suspect that disc had been abused by the motojournalists and was
warped or something. The bikes didn't get a break and were run very
hard for about 8 straight hours... no issues I was aware of.

I was wearing thin Darien pants and could feel some heat through the
frame rails but nothing close to painful... it's similar to the heat
through the rails on my ZZR; perhaps a bit warmer. I noted NO radiator
or exhaust heat. They really routed that air well.

It sounds vaguely rattly and fluttery at idle, kind of ducati-ish, but
it really sounds meaty and good when you're on it or listening to
others pass at speed.

Since we were doing roughly 20-minute sessions it's kind of difficult
to discuss street ergos; however when sitting on the 675 I felt almost
immediately that this bike was not for me; the buell feels very plush
in comparison.

A couple of times the 1125 groups would catch up to coaches or buell
riders on XB12s... I'd try to get past them after a corner but those
bikes have serious squirt out of low to mid-speed corners, at least as
much as the 1125. However, once speeds get above 100 or so (I'm
guessing) the 1200s seemed to hit a wall while the 1125s just keep
ripping all the way down the straight. There's really no comparison.

I didn't notice any vibes at low or mid rpms but you do notice them at
about 8K and up, but by then you have other things to worry about.

I really wanted to ride the entire fleet of Buells (last spring they
had all their models available) but they decided to just bring 1125s,
and I'm not disappointed in that regard. The bike is seriously quick
and handles unbelievably well. I want one.

I think they'll sell a lot of them, particularly to people who attend
these buell trackday demos. If there's one close to you, or not so
close.... DO IT.

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> Hey Jeff, How did you like the 1125R?
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