ebay bike

Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 15 06:34:49 PDT 2007

Good eye Micheal.! I had to glue mine tab back on too.

"blackbear at frontiernet.net" <blackbear at frontiernet.net> wrote: Yeah, and while you're admiring the clean paint, and scratched engine  
case, have a close look at where the lowers meet the upper.  Looks  
like there is a gap there on both sides.  Maybe missing tabs?
Bet the bike was dumped on both sides.


Quoting Jerry Clair :

> Me too, a real clean look, decal placement is smart too.
> Dave Daniels  wrote: That silver kind   
> of speaks to me though.
> Jay Loeppke wrote: What model is this bike? 140157919299

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