Oil Pan cracked at oil plug

Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 17 05:43:03 PDT 2007

  I have a pan on my old engine that you could have for shipping costs if you want it. The thing is, it has been modified for the external oil mod, so if your bike isn't set up for that, you'd have to put a plug in the 2 holes where the hose is connected. Also, it's a wierd pan in that the oil pressure sensor is mounted at the back of the pan rather than the front. I've looked at as many bikes as I can think of that have the same pan, and none have this configuration. There isn't even a hole in the pan where it's supposed to go. Now, it's not a problem other than it ends up being right underneath the exhaust where the crossover starts to go over to the right side of the bike. and it was touching the exhaust. I ended up actually putting a small dent in the pipe so it wouldn't touch. That would be the only thing that would be any kind of a concern for you. I don't know if I would keep it as my permanent pan if I were you, but it won't leak. Let me know if you're interested. I
 have no idea how to ship overseas, but I'm sure UPS could tell me.
  Dave Daniels

Ped <pedmail at dbmail.dk> wrote:
  I got myself a huge problem today: While doing the oil change I 
(probably) over tightened the lower oil plug,


(the most left one of the two marked A)

- resulting in a crack in the metal where the bolt is mounted. The crack 
is tiny and barely visible, but big enough to leak oil. It has the 
length of the bolt thread.

Of course the right solution is to go and get another oil pan. Although 
there is a considerable amount of dismantling to do it can actually be 
replaced without taking the engine out of the frame, according to the 
manual. However, it is highly unlikely that a new oil pan should be in 
stock here in DK, and in the week ahead I simply don't have the time to 
do a repair of this magnitude. So it's going to be a winter project. 
Now, on next Sunday I'm going on an 860 km (460 miles) trip to 
Luxembourg, and a week later I'm going to attend the 2. Alpentreffen (a 
GPZ 1100 meeting) in Bavaria, Germany, also some 400 miles away. Is 
there a temporary fix to this crack/oil leak that I can rely on with a 
fair amount of confidence? I am not going to set off on a trip of that 
length to foreign countries without a strong belief that the fix is 
going to hold. Could the crack be welded? Or could something as simple 
as Loctite do the trick? Any tip, trick or comment highly appreciated - 
thanks in advance!

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

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