Oil Pan cracked at oil plug - follow up

Dave King oldfr8dog at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 20 15:07:09 PDT 2007

  That's good news.  If it held up satisfactorilly for your test ride then it'll most likely perform satisfactorilly for your big upcoming ride as well.  I'm not familiar with chemical metal.  Is it something that is comparable to JB Weld?  I'm familiar with that, or maybe I should say that I'm too familiar with it.  It's saved my butt many times, as I'm basically the guy that probably shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a toolbox.
  Have a good ride.  Dave King.  '96 in E. Tenn.

Ped <pedmail at dbmail.dk> wrote:
  I have made a temporary fix that I'm convinced will hold. A motorcycle 
mechanic gave me the advice to use Loctite 542 on the oil plug and 
chemical metal (Plastic Padding) on the outside of the crack. Since the 
length of the crack is just the length of the bolt thread chances are 
that the crack will be well sealed on the inside by the Loctite on the 
oil plug. According to the data sheet Loctite 542 has medium strength, 
so it should be fairly easy to remove the oil plug at the next oil 
change. On the outside I have grinded the area around the crack using 
sandpaper and applied a thin layer of chemical metal.

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