Bought an other GPZ!

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Sun Sep 23 15:18:07 PDT 2007

Looks great, I can't read the German, though ... 

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Hey guys

I just bought a black ABS GPZ on ebay and everybody else was sleeping!

For CHF 1000.- ! = about 800$US.
There are some - I hope minor - problems, but ...

The seller misjudged the situation!

I'll pick it up next Saturday.

Don't know which one I'm going to keep in the end. I'll sell one next
I have put my LSL handlebar risers with a touring handle bar and grip
heaters onto the first one I had bought.
Nice driving. But one of the cam shafts has caries ...
Having a working motor from the crashed one I'm not very concerned.

Lots of work lately. So come winter  I'll have a project!

Have a good week!

George, Switzerland
3 Geepers at the moment ...


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