Throttle cable routing?

Rickard Olsson richie at
Wed Sep 26 11:26:14 PDT 2007

Don Wilcox wrote:

> I was just curious if the old left side was a
> honk up from me or predating me.

I believe mine was routed to the left originally, but I re-routed it at 
the right side because it looked a little tight the way it was.

> Gotta be careful now though... still getting used to how easy it is to whack
> it WFO on accident. Yeah... accident... that's the reason occifer...

I got pulled over by a laser-wielding LEO yesterday. I was spot on for 
speed (they were in a 70kph zone with a lot of drive-ways and hedges 
where I always drive slow) but they said my running light was off. Turns 
out I must've hit the light button by mistake. Then, out of their van 
climbs one of my MC safety instructors - he normally flies a chopper for 
them but it was on some kind of loan to Belgium so he'd gotten 
re-assigned to traffic duty temporarily. Then /another/ officer started 
talking about his VFR and comparing it to the GPZ and that pretty much 
left the third guy standing out on the road, all alone with his laser 
gun and no backup from his colleagues. I also got a few tips on good 
roads where they never bother to rig speed traps. :-)

/ Richie

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