Top triple-clamps on the cheap?

William K Denton wkdenton at
Thu Sep 27 19:16:17 PDT 2007


I would go Helicoil over hogging it out.  It's already a 10mm bolt and 
there's no good landing area for a nut at the other end, as the nose end of 
the casting is kind of bullet shaped and not really that much thicker than 
the stock bolt.

Bill in Yardley, PA
wkdenton at
'96 GPz1100

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From: "Don Wilcox" <leanintree at>

Steel bolt has chewed off the aluminum threads
inside the clamp itself, so I'm thinking that unless I just want to hog it
out and put a seperate bolt and nut on it, there's really no fixing it.

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