Paul Heim SuprHtr at
Fri Apr 4 19:10:25 PDT 2008

Mind?  Hell, no!

Today I cranked up the GPz, the ZR-7S, and the wife's EX250, after an 
interminable Ohio winter.  All bikes started with minimal fuss and warmed 
up, but the GPz always seems to run best from the get-go.  Spring is finally 
here and I may get to go for a short spin tomorrow.  It was too freakin' 
cold to tear into the bikes this winter so I'll have to rotate projects for 
the next few weeks if I want to keep at least one bike on the road.  Geeper 
needs fork seals, the new headlight relay set-up, mounting of the GPS, and 
not much else.  Oh, crap, got that ZX-9 shock with the heavy spring, too!  I 
need to install it...  And the Stebel Nautilus.  Crap.

The ZR also needs the headlight relay and I must install the progressive 
fork springs I've had for about 2 years.  Also ought to rebuild the ZX-6 
shock I got off Ebay for the ZR.

The little Neenjah is crying out for a stiffer suspension.  Time to hit up 
the Sonic website for some fork springs and maybe start looking for a better 
shock...  The list never ends.

Paul in Ohio

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>   Tis a sad day in the garage.
>   Being the origional owner it's sad to see the bike go.
>   The bike may be gone, but I'm going to hang around if you all don't 
> mind.
>   PT

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