gpzer at gpzer at
Sat Apr 5 08:31:13 PDT 2008

>  Still riding, I hope.  Have you given up on street and you're now track only?  
>  You never filled us in on the "why"...

>  -Rob

Yes, still riding, well, will be if it ever gets warm.

Still ride street.

Main reason - 2007 SuperDuke 990
4 more reasons:
05 SV 650 (Race)
Scooter - Work commuter
90 Hawk GT - Wife's distance bike
06 RD200 - Wife's commuter

Too many bikes to store, take care of and pay insursance / registration on.
GPZ got ridden the least. 
Duke does everything better with the exception of luggage space. But I'm sure someone's working on that, and something will be available soon.
I had the Duke last year, but held onto the GPZ to take it to the Fandango. Something I always wanted to do on the GPZ, but never could. So I had to take it before I sold it.

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