Watch it out there

Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at
Sun Apr 6 13:24:46 PDT 2008

But, you are safe John, That's what I care about, not a couple of over priced peices of plastic.
Um, it's not a snow mobile dude.  =)

John Soliday <johnsoliday at> wrote: Well guys it’s going to happen eventually and just wanted to warn others.
Yep it’s spring time and I fired up the GPZ yesterday to go riding up on
Peak to Peak highway.  My usual route is Boulder to Ward, then north to
Estes Park east to Lyons and back home on 36 to Boulder.  I wanted to eat at
the Millside Inn which is on the north side of Ward.  I made through what
seemed like tons of sand that had been laid down over the winter with no
problems including the 180 degree hairpin on the north side of Ward which
also seems to be at a 15 degree upward grade, it’s an amazingly scary turn
when there isn’t sand all over it but that wasn’t the problem.  I noticed
most of the gravel parking lot at the Millside was still covered by ~ 4” of
snow but aimed for a spot of bare gravel that would allow me to turn it
around when time came to leave.  I was going straight and just touched the
front brake (big mistake) and it was down on it’s left side.  The snow
turned out was covered with water, slush, and ice underneath so it didn’t
take much to lock the front.  Luckily there was enough slush, snow that
nothing seemed to be broken.  I’m sure there are a few scratches somewhere
but it looked OK after some guys came out and helped pick her up.  Now my
pristine baby is no longer a virgin and it usually happens eventually so now
that’s out of the way.  Anyway, keep safe out there and it you’re on snow,
don’t even think about that front brake (it’s just habit with me that I use
both, what was I thinking or not thinking ?)
95 GPZ no longer a virgin
.. :-(

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