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Sorry man, I got to take a shot here Rob.

Maybe the cop figured you were late to therapy? Geek Green! 

Rob Schwartz <coldinvt at> wrote: Just gotta' love sleepers.  I love my buddy's favorite saying, "If it isn't
fast, make it shiny."

I'm all about minimal flash with maximum dash.  Flying under the radar is
key!  Like passing a radar-aiming (over the hood, shootout style) officer on
the hard-bagged, stock-piped VFR in my "safety geek green" Aerostich at an
indicated 114mph and he didn't even flinch.  Not a glance, nothing.   :wow:

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Oh, man, that reminds me of a car fantasy back in the day.  I....
 ... had a Pinto station wagon, the one with the moon window
side panels, 1978 vintage, a faded/flat silver in color.  It actually
served me pretty well for a couple years at college for a whopping
$800 purchase price.  And I even sold it for $500 after a good 30k
miles added.

Anyhow, this was in the days of college cruisin' with the various guys
driving hotted-up musclecars out on the main drag in Grand Junction,
Colorado.  One factor stirring this fantasy was one guy's Datsun
pickup with a hot V8 under the hood, drag racing any and all willing
participants, at least on the street where we saw him.

So, my fantasy then was to cram a radically cammed small block 327
under the hood, well-hidden, with some fat rubber the rear wheel wells
so they weren't quite so visible from elsewhere.  The rear floor could
be torn up and reshaped to hold the tires/wheels and a performance
oriented driveline.   Because it would be hidden behind the panels,
the only outward evidence would be the somewhat larger and much wider
rear tires appearing under the wheel wells.   Everything else would be
subdued - no flashy racing stripes or anything like that.

Of course, it would make a decent V8 rumble waiting at the stoplight,
that's absolutely required, "sleeper" or not.

It was a serious sleeper street rod fantasy, for sure.   Alas, I never
had funds or knowhow to pull such a thing off - not then, and
certainly not now either.

Ah, well, 'twas a good memory.

On 4/9/08, Jerry Clair  wrote:
> after drinking it looked like this:
> scapco at wrote: That's what it looks like "after" you've been
> Charles S.
> > That'd be enough to make me start drinking!
> >
> > *shudder*
> >
> >
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> > > When I was still drinking, I drove a lime green pinto =O
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