lime green

Simon White swhite at
Thu Apr 10 19:29:26 PDT 2008

That's definitely a cool car.

Picked mine up last night (my time).  Need to take more pics, but this is 
how it looked outside my work in the predawn light this morning.

It's like a road registered go kart :)


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> OK, so I never had a pinto. (thank god) but, The coolest, maybe the fastest
> car I owned was a rag top Dodge Dart GTS. Like this except more of a royal 
> blue.
> The small block red 4 bolt main with a dual point ignition pushed it's power
> through a factory Hurst into a positive rear end. It would bark the tires 
> in any gear.
> Of course by the time this punk got it, the fenders flapped in the breeze.
> The power train was worth way more than the car, a real party car sleeper.

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