Idiot Season

The Masons masonjs at
Tue Apr 15 09:29:24 PDT 2008

> Beijing-ers!

Yes the sound of a bicyclist ricocheting off a fender.
Glad you got your KLR Steve.  I'm still looking.  For some reason a new KLR 
is $1500.00 more in Canada than USA. I can't figure that one.  So a low 
mileage 2 year old machine is about the price of a new one in NY.  More are 
starting to come on the market here as the snow recedes.  It will be at 
least 2 more weeks before I can get at the GPz.  I didn't use snow shoes 
yesterday to check the cottages but I was up to the tops of my ewe holders 
in both driveways and the drift in front of the garage door is still over 4' 
high.  It is a handy spot to store the "after your done the work beer".


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