Idiot Season

Dave Spaulding spauldingd at
Tue Apr 15 12:02:32 PDT 2008

I bet motorcyclists in general make safer bicyclists.  We know the risks and 
should know how to stay out of trouble.  Practically every motorcycle racer 
rides a bicycle to stay in shape.  Jay is right, dust off that bicycle and 
use it when you can.  With the cost of gas, you can probably buy a new one 
for the price of a tank of gas in your average Ford Explorer.

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> Well Jay, I wish cyclers were more like you. As you
> can tell, many cyclers we've encountered are inexpirenced
> and don't obey the rules. I have one myself
> It seems to me that when I was growing up ( the Bicycle
> was a relatively a new invention) we had take a riding test
> get a License for it and register with your home city.
> Some sense of safety  is important in any sport.
> I know for sure, the rednecks that ride the black GPz are a little slower 
> than the rest of us, but we love them anyways.
> Jay Loeppke <jloeppke at> wrote: Will I guess I have to speak up. 
> I am one of those special morons you
> refer to.  I have found lots of good  help for my 95 Gpz on this blog
> but this is not constructive  criticism worthy  of this site.  It
> sounds like a bunch of not well educated red necks talking.
> I ride my bicycle 3-5K a year. Obviously for great fitness but also
> the two "bikes" really work together.  I am 50, and what I mean by
> working together particularly as I get older   is that the fitness on
> the bike allows me to ride long distances with less fatigue (ridding
> position is similar for the two), balance is enhanced,  spacial
> awareness is heightened, my concentration is better  and I am very
> aware of the traffic around me ( bicycling is far worse than
> motorcycles, way more close calls, cars do not see you at all, they
> look right through you, they don't expect a bicycle to be coming at
> you at 25-30 mph).
> The majority of the road bikers are also tax payers, with cars,
> motorcycles, etc. They paid for  the same road as you.   As in most
> states,  Mn. bicyclists have the same right and have to obey the same
> rules as any other motorized vehicle.  So they have every right to be
> there, the same as you.   They can drive right down the middle of
> their lane if they are so foolish to do so. Though it would be to
> their health benefit to ride to the side.  Bike paths a great for
> casual riders, family, kids, ect.  But when your going out for a long
> serious workout ride (30-100 miles) the rare bike path just doesn't
> cut it.
> I challenge you to pick up a bicycle and try it.    You will see how
> great they work together.  You will be a much better/safer motorcyclist.
> Interestingly have been watching the KLR come up in the discussions.
> I have been looking for the right one (wrecked) so I can fix it the
> way I want. I  would love to do the great divide trail 
> Any body interested?
> On Apr 15, 2008, at 10:24 AM, 1KPerDay wrote:
>> bicyclists are a special breed of moron. No offense meant to any
>> here... some of my best friends are cyclists. Not that there's
>> anything wrong with that. etc. :D
>> Some of the best roads here are frequently choked with herds of
>> slow-moving, selfish 2-wheelers like bicyclists and harley riders and
>> goldwingers. LOL
>> At least the harleys and goldwings pay road/use taxes... cyclists just
>> FEEL entitled. Skinny bastards.
>> On 4/15/08, scapco at  wrote:
>>> Well, it looks like idiot season is upon us here in
>>> Denver.  I had my first "close encounter" yesterday on the
>>> way home from work with an idiot on a bicycle.
>> -- 
>> Utah Jeff
>> '96 SheePz1100

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