Idiot Season

Dave King oldfr8dog at
Tue Apr 15 15:17:06 PDT 2008

That's me too.  In fact, between the bike and running I did more human powered miles last year (3,300) than on the GPz (2,750), and I'm 51.  I also paid my share of taxes so I feel that I'm entitled to use our roads.  Trust me, it's April 15 and I'm feeling the pain.  
  I'm also looking for a DS, just haven't decided on one yet.  

Jay Loeppke <jloeppke at> wrote:
  Will I guess I have to speak up. I am one of those special morons you 
refer to. I have found lots of good help for my 95 Gpz on this blog 
but this is not constructive criticism worthy of this site. It 
sounds like a bunch of not well educated red necks talking.

I ride my bicycle 3-5K a year. Obviously for great fitness but also 
the two "bikes" really work together. I am 50, and what I mean by 
working together particularly as I get older is that the fitness on 
the bike allows me to ride long distances with less fatigue (ridding 
position is similar for the two), balance is enhanced, spacial 
awareness is heightened, my concentration is better and I am very 
aware of the traffic around me ( bicycling is far worse than 
motorcycles, way more close calls, cars do not see you at all, they 
look right through you, they don't expect a bicycle to be coming at 
you at 25-30 mph).

The majority of the road bikers are also tax payers, with cars, 
motorcycles, etc. They paid for the same road as you. As in most 
states, Mn. bicyclists have the same right and have to obey the same 
rules as any other motorized vehicle. So they have every right to be 
there, the same as you. They can drive right down the middle of 
their lane if they are so foolish to do so. Though it would be to 
their health benefit to ride to the side. Bike paths a great for 
casual riders, family, kids, ect. But when your going out for a long 
serious workout ride (30-100 miles) the rare bike path just doesn't 
cut it.

I challenge you to pick up a bicycle and try it. You will see how 
great they work together. You will be a much better/safer motorcyclist.

Interestingly have been watching the KLR come up in the discussions. 
I have been looking for the right one (wrecked) so I can fix it the 
way I want. I would love to do the great divide trail
Any body interested?

On Apr 15, 2008, at 10:24 AM, 1KPerDay wrote:

> bicyclists are a special breed of moron. No offense meant to any
> here... some of my best friends are cyclists. Not that there's
> anything wrong with that. etc. :D
> Some of the best roads here are frequently choked with herds of
> slow-moving, selfish 2-wheelers like bicyclists and harley riders and
> goldwingers. LOL
> At least the harleys and goldwings pay road/use taxes... cyclists just
> FEEL entitled. Skinny bastards.
> On 4/15/08, scapco at wrote:
>> Well, it looks like idiot season is upon us here in
>> Denver. I had my first "close encounter" yesterday on the
>> way home from work with an idiot on a bicycle.
> -- 
> Utah Jeff
> '96 SheePz1100

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