Ohio or indy?

schnowz schnowz at localnet.com
Wed Apr 16 16:13:03 PDT 2008

 Very timely.. I'm heading out that way in May if I can get some shit of the 
way before then...hope to check it out..
I've heard 555 called the the Deals gap of Ohio and it's not a bad road but 
if you don't know it, then it's very unpredictable as you top the hills, the 
road turns right or left with no prior indication.  I think I preferred Rt 7 
from Morgantown to Ohio - not as challenging but more predictable.
  IIRC youz guys are meeting in August which is too ferkin hot for me..

  Pete S
   Heat Wuss

> wow that looked like some sweet roads , I'm in for Ohio. I don't want to 
> step on toes , the Indy ride was great and well organized but I could use 
> a shorter get to ride and maybe we can get some more east coasters.
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>> Subject: Ohio or indy?
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>> We talked about changing up the indy ride, I found
>> this:
>> http://www.motorcycleroads.com/routes/MidWest/OH/OH_20.shtml
>> Maybe Paul can join us this time too? Just worry about the
>> distance for Capt Beard.
>> Thoughts, Criticisms?

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