Japanese Motorcycle Saturday

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Sounds like we have a tour guide. I can vouch for the fact that there a a lot of motorcycles running around Hocking Hills when the weather permits. So, it can get a bit congested at times. But nothing like the Dragon I'm sure. You just have to be careful in the state park areas because of people milling about. But, it sounds like you have other routes that would be better anyway.

James Keefover <jkeefover at swansonindustries.com> wrote:  The Museum is great and they get excellent turn outs for those events. I
try to go every year to something there. I think it would be a good idea if
the date works.

There are lots of good roads starting about 50 miles east and south east of
Pickerington. Marietta Ohio is kind of a neat place to use as a jumping off
point. You can take the covered bridge scenic byway straight out of
Marietta right into the heart of the best riding in Ohio.

Someone mentioned the triple nickel being a tough road if you don't know it.
That is true of a lot of the roads in that area. There are a lot of blind
turns and they aren't marked well. You just have to go a little slower. I
think the great thing about that area is that you can have a ton of twisties
fun without risking your drivers license. It's also very uncongested.

There are also great roads more like rt 7, which is mainly constant radius
sweepers, in that area. Check out Rt 800 for example. The rule of thumb is
if the route number has three digits around there, it's fun.

I can provide tons of routes in that part of Ohio as well as anywhere in WV,
just let me know. 


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June 7
The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum,

We can ride in on our big boys! I'll touch base with the columbus cafe
guys. I know they will be there.

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