dog-leg levers

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You can always go the Vermont Wussie Route and get an automagic Yamahaha FJ. 
Next time he'll probably have one of those big ass scooters.  Although I 
must admit it was comical to see Ian "The Dude" Connelly wailing the shit 
out of his HD rolling refrigerator passing us with his beanie helmet 
inscribed with loud pipes save lives, his dual Cobra exhaust roaring and his 
speed fringes blowing in the wind, only to be blown away by "one legged" 
Elroy Blemke on his 650 Burgman.  I'd be a little more than embarrassed 
being passed by Elroy on his scooter with a rifle scabbard holding a pair of 
crutches.  The interesting things I used to see on the way to work before I 
retired.  Wished I'd had my camera more than once.

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> Happy spring everybody!
> Question: where can I get a "dog-leg" clutch lever for my GPz?
> I had thumb replacement surgery in January and that rather long reach
> for the clutch lever is going to be painful.
> The only thing I can find is the rather pricy Titax levers.
> If I do have to go with Titax, does anybody know which Kaw model cross
> matches our GPz? Below is the list from their web site.
> Thanks guys,
> -Steve in Colorado
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