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I like the bridge...Don would be proud!

James Keefover <jkeefover at> wrote:  Some pics to get the juices flowing...

This is on Rt 26 just north of Marietta. Don't worry 26 is paved, this is a
little turn off to see one of the many covered bridges along the road.


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Go to mapquest and look for Marietta, OH. Zoom in farily close and click on
aerial image in the top right hand corner. Now check out that very
mountainous terrain. Dang, it's gonna be fun! I used to be in the Air Force
Band and we toured over in that area extensively. I still have the
eebeejeebeez thinking about taking those hairpin corners in that big tour
bus. Whoah! Check out highway 26 going northeast away from Marietta. Looks
like a possibility.

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