Petcock question

Paul Heim SuprHtr at
Sat Apr 19 10:31:11 PDT 2008

Nope.  It's either on when the engine is pulling a vacuum or off when the 
engine is off.  I'm going from experience with the later bikes, though.

In addition to normal and reserve positions, the newer bikes also have a 
"prime" position to bypass the vacuum controlled valve.  I expect you have 
the same, or starting up after a long lay-up would be a pain.

Paul in Ohio
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> Hi all;
> My KZ fuel petcock seems to have a one way valve built into the vacuum 
> side of the metal plate.  I have it disassembled, and when I pull a vacuum 
> through the metal tube that the engine vacuum connects too, it flows 
> great.  When I try to blow through that same tube, it is no flow. I see 
> this is why the fuel never shuts off.  Is there supposed to be a small 
> restriction to help even out the flow?
> Thanks
> David Fallon
> 441

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