Ruby going on the block

Paul Heim SuprHtr at
Sat Apr 19 17:59:54 PDT 2008

Jim, I think your making a mistake!  Mark my words.  Following in the 
Bare-man's footsteps, going over to the dark side.  But I'm puzzled.  Why 
would we be rid of you????

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> Its been a great 10 years with Ruby.  Haven't even got her out of the 
> garage and have put a down payment on a pristine low mileage well farkled 
> V Strom 1000.  Marilyn did a serious wtf are you doing dance.  Actually 
> she was mostly POd as I had just paid the insurance Cretans for this years 
> black mail and the V Strom will be 1/2 the cost but I'll get hammered for 
> canceling.
> Its yella + black with 3 piece Suzuki/GIVI 36s--looks like a big bungle 
> bee.
> Hate to tell you Charles but I won't need the igniter.  Probably have so 
> shit to sell .
> I will be selling my 1970 Triumph TR6C Trophy and at least one of the 
> Honda 250 XLs.  If any of you want a hell of a good base for a rebuild I 
> have a 1975 Honda XL 250 with 2500 original miles on it. Hell its still 
> got the original front tire (I do have a new tire and tube to go with the 
> bike). Needs a few bits and some TLC but it lit up yesterday on the 2nd 
> kick and didn't seem to give a damn about going though the snow to get to 
> the dirt.
> Jim - you're now going to be rid of me because of this-Mason

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