Well, now I am in a pickle. fork disassembly tools

William K Denton wkdenton at verizon.net
Tue Apr 22 07:55:14 PDT 2008


Uh, NO, don't just snug it up.  You need to torque that bottom Allen bolt to 
45 lb.ft, and to do that you'll need to hold the damper ass'y from the 
inside with a tool, or a rear axle, or what ever you'd like.  You should 
also replace or anneal the copper washer, and don't forget to apply locktite 
(blue) to the Allen bolt.

Just "snugging it up" is a dangerous deviation from the OEM's reassembly 
procedure and I can't believe that another lister already suggested that 
this is OK.  It's your ass and neck on the line when you decide to work on 
your own bike, so I suggest that you follow procedure for safety's sake. 
I'd hate to think what would happen if that bolt worked it's way loose while 
you were riding at speed or rounding a curve.

Bill in Yardley, PA
wkdenton at verizon.net

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> How do you re-tighten the bottom bolt? Just let it spin until it snugs up?

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