New kind of dangerous stupid

Chuck Driscoll cdriscol2001 at
Thu Apr 24 08:14:50 PDT 2008

Wheelies and stoppies in public streets are stupid.
Loud pipes save lives is stupid. Helmets break your
neck is stupid. But in most cases we have the right to
be stupid.
I think this is worse than stupid, it is vicious.
Vicious people should be treated like vicious dogs,
IMO. Actually this is worse than a vicious dog,
because it is premeditated. Nobody should have the
right to be vicious. 
Having recently kissed pavement, I am infuriated with
anyone who would deliberately do this to someone else.
Fortunately there are more kind and caring people than
vicious animals like this guy. Actually the animals
are better than this guy. Rant over, now to return my
blood pressure to its previous level.
"blackbear at"
<blackbear at> wrote:

> Saw the initial article link on CNN this morning.
> some jackass strung nylon zip-ties across a road at
> about the 4 foot  
> high mark.
> either he's tremendously stupid, or he's gunning for
> a cyclist.
> Hope he gets caught and locked up for a LONG time.
> Michael

Chuck Driscoll

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The ancient Greeks never separated art from manufacture in their minds, and so never developed separate words for them."
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