GPZList Digest, Vol 21, Issue 1

schnowz schnowz at
Sun Aug 3 15:55:23 PDT 2008

> Looking closer on the Michelins there is a line running around the 
> sidewall
> of the tire.  It is not even with the rim.  The difference here between 
> that
> line and the rim is out by 3 - 4 mm the same difference I noted on the
> outside reference

That sucks and what's more could be dangerous. Hope you confronted the 
dealer with his shoddy work or his monkey is is likely to do it again. 
Sounds like he stopped inflating after the first pop. You have to keep going 
until to you hear two pops (one for each side). The only time I took my bike 
to the dealer is when I was away from home and needed a new tire. They 
completely fooked up the balance..

Pete Staniforth 

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