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Paul Heim SuprHtr at
Mon Aug 4 19:07:15 PDT 2008

I had one plug crap up on me a couple of times and cured the problem by 
getting on the bike and riding it really hard until it cleared up.  That 
being said, I know that some listers recommend replacing the plugs rather 
than cleaning.  If the problem comes back, I'd suspect the plug wire.

Paul in Ohio
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> I've been conferring with Dave Beard but thought I'd seek other opinions 
> as well. My bike started running rough a couple weeks ago on my way home 
> from work. Actually, it started right when I started it to come home. 
> Sounded like it was running on three cylinders.
>  Pulled the tank off and the spark plug wires off and gazed down the 
> wells. No. 3 had oil in it, so I figured one of my figure 8 gaskets went 
> bad.
>  So, I orderd some new ones and switched them out. Also put in new plugs. 
> Got it all back together and started it up. It ran fine for a bit then 
> started getting rough again.
>  So, I pulled the plugs again and looked in the wells again. No oil this 
> time, but no. 4 plug was getting carboned up.
>  So, I cleaned them off, put them back in, put the tank back on and hit it 
> again. Ran good for about a minute, then went rough again. So, I got a can 
> of wd-40 and sprayed it on the exhaust pipes coming out of the head. It 
> smoke completely off all but no. 4. It just ran down that pipe.
>  So, it seems no. 4 isn't firing.  Any ideas?
>  Thanks,
>  Dave D.

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