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Just  recently purchased a 96 GPZ1100. Can anyone tell me where the needle
is  when the bike is fully warmed up (normal temp)? Mine reads right at  the
start of the arch line.

Also has anyone been able  to come up with some longer mirror shafts to
increase the spread so your  arms aren't blocking part of the view of behind

       Welcome to the group,
      Your temp gage sounds about right for when  the bike is moving, in stop 
and go traffic it will go up to about the middle of  the arch line and the 
fan will come on.
      I am drawing a blank at the moment, but  there was a guy somewhere 
making mirror spacers, no one has mentioned them in  quite a while though, maybe 
someone else will remember. I think I have a set  around here someplace if you 
are interested.
     Mike in Colorado

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